About Us

Crabtrees Real Estate offers specialised industrial, retail and commercial property management.

We have a team of highly experienced property professionals who work to protect your asset and maximise its return.

Good management of your investment property requires more than the collection of rent or paying bills. We provide peace-of-mind while we look after all aspects from the initial leasing, to legal documentation, tenancy and financial management, through to make good.

We are process driven and have developed procedures and check lists to ensure there are no gaps in the management of your investment.

Our commercial property management team offers the highest standard of service to clients. They are proficient in commercial lease negotiation and documentation, as well as all relevant legislation.

Choosing the right property manager can be the difference between a property increasing in value, stalling, or even declining in worth each year. We have developed our property management services to take the hassle out of your investment, through providing an efficient and responsive service focused on growth as well as risk minimisation.

To find out more about our Property Management services contact our team on 9567 8888.

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