As lockdown restrictions continue in Victoria, Melburnians in particular are feeling the strain of the continued operating and economic constraints that Covid-19 brings to Victorian businesses.

Crabtress Real Estate Property Manager Amanda Hart shares her perspective on working from home and what impact she has witnessed as a Commercial Real Estate Property Manager during the pandemic.

“I’ve found that no two alike businesses are experiencing the same level of impact or indeed are responding the same. This has meant that I’ve had to take this on board when undertaking every aspect of my role; from rent relief to new tenancies, lease renewals and ongoing regulatory compliance. Each situation has had to be dealt with using due care, time and relevant to the specific circumstances of the issue that we are faced with, and of course the Landlord and Tenant.’

“I have found that my ability to think both “big picture” and pragmatically as well as keeping up to date with relevant legislative changes, and understanding the impact of these changes, has helped greatly in navigating through this unprecedented challenge with both Landlords and Tenants alike.”

Amanda and her partner recently purchased a home and were fortunate enough to move in between lock downs but that did not come without its own challenges with restricted movement and business activities throughout Melbourne and the need to work from home.

But Amanda has embraced this opportunity and has invested quite some time setting herself up a functional home office with a desk, dual screens, monitor mount and dock,  which she found has greatly increased her ability to maintain focus, and work both more comfortably and efficiently, though she does miss the office coffee machine and team banter in the communal kitchen.

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