At Crabtrees Real Estate, we feel it’s important to celebrate the individuals behind the team that make up our successful Property Management department.

They have all hit the ground running staying abreast of legislation changes and are working harder than ever to ensure our clients are kept informed and felt supported throughout the ever-changing landscape that is Covid-19.

Today our focus is on Property Manager, Justin Mucha.



Justin and his fiancé live in the leafy eastern suburbs of Melbourne with an energetic toddler and pug that are often a highlight of the Crabtrees team weekly Zoom catch ups and make for very entertaining “work colleagues”.

Ever the professional and extremely orderly, Justin has set up a quiet space in his home with a triple monitor configuration which he has found to be his saviour with the increased online activities and communication that is required with working from home.

“Whilst I do miss the face to face camaraderie with the Crabtrees team, working from home means I get to have lunches with my family and go for walks that I would normally miss out on commuting home from work.’

“I understand how fortunate I am to have the opportunity to continue working, albeit remotely, when I see the frustration firsthand from many Tenants and Landlords trying to navigate uncharted waters, keeping businesses afloat.’

“It is crucial for me as their Property Manager to have my ear to the ground and be as up to date as possible with the latest legislation and restrictions for the different industries. At the end of the day it’s all about reaching an outcome which reasonably supports both Landlords and Tenants until a time when things can return to some form of normal.’

“It has also been encouraging to see that amidst the hardships I have witnessed recently some Tenants have been quite innovative in changing how they operate, finding different ways to make income and how open and willing our Landlords are, knowing that everyone is affected and that we are all in this together.” 

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