Dex Collections Client Journey Part One

Crabtrees senior executive Andrew Loudon knew when Jack Xu of Dex Collections approached Crabtrees that they would need to take their time to find the right property.

‘He was in desperate need for a bigger property, but we showed him a few existing office warehouses and they just didn’t have what he needed,’ says Andrew. ‘So then we started looking at designing and constructing a new facility.’

Andrew was determined to find the right piece of land for the project. ‘The land came across our desk for the last lot at Hammond Park, Jack liked the idea so we got in touch with Chris Telley at Vaughan Constructions and developed the concept together.’

The office warehouse in Dandenong South, which is nearing completion, covers 4,905 sqm and will incorporate a showroom and office, with the facilities and space to support the expansion of Dex Collections. The process of putting together a deal for land and construction was a highly involved one, due to the complexity and scope of the project.

‘It was a really collaborative process, and we had a lot of meetings with Jack and Chris to make sure we got absolutely all of the details as Jack wanted them. There were a lot of complex elements that needed to come together in the right way, so it was a great feeling to end with a finished product that everyone’s happy with.’

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